Our Lenses & Coatings

Digital Lenses

The greatest technological advancement in eyewear.

We offer the latest in lens manufacturing technology. Our Freeform digitally manufactured lenses are capable of increasing our peripheral vision at all distances - reducing head turning while driving, making reading easier, and reducing mid-range eyestrain. By surfacing the prescription on the inside curve of the lens as opposed to the outside as is the case in non-digital lens product, the gain in proximity to our eye greatly enhances visual acuity.

Our Lenses

Single Vision – Single vision lenses are for individuals who have trouble seeing objects at one distance – either up close or far away.

Progressive – Progressive lenses are for individuals who need both distance and reading correction. Compared to bifocal and multifocal lenses, progressives gradually adjust, providing sharper overall vision and seamless transitions between distance corrections. We also offer traditional bifocal and trifocal lenses.

Anti-fatigue – Anti-fatigue lenses reduce eyestrain at all visual distances by enhancing our vision for hand held devices like cell phones and tablets as well as our computers and laptops.

Occupational - Occupational or “office lenses” are customized for the individual’s work environment. We have a lens designed for the active office worker. These lenses are deliberately designed to enhance your near and mid-range vision for your desk work, while allowing you to roam the office without changing glasses. We also offer a lens for the cubicle worker that seldom leave their desks.

Our Coatings

We recognize that no two customers are the same, so we give you options when it comes to how you purchases your lens coatings! You can purchase the coatings a-la-carte or through one of our discounted packages.

  • A-la-Carte – customize your coating selections to fit your needs! Some of our most popular coatings include:

    • Anti-Reflective Lenses - Look better, see better! Anti-reflective lenses improve the appearance and performance of your lenses by allowing more light to pass through them while reducing glare. This will help make your lenses look invisible.

    • Scratch-Resistant Lenses – Scratch-Resistant coatings help to protect your lenses from minor micro-scratches caused by normal use of your glasses and will help extend the life of your lenses.

    • Blue Light Filters – Though the science behind HEV blue light is still evolving, some customers experience reduced eyestrain and improved sleep patterns when wearing these filters.

    • Transitions™ Lenses – Transitions™ lenses are clear lenses that change colour automatically when exposed to sunlight. They are excellent filters of harmful UV light and are available in several colours and intensities.

    • Polarized Lenses – Turn any pair of glasses into sunglasses! This is our most popular sunglass lens. This tinted lens is very effective at blocking reflections off ice and water which enhance our visual comfort while spending days at the beach, driving, and for many sports.