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About Us

F.O. Safety Eyewear Inc. represents a company dedicated only to the manufacture and supply of prescription safety eyewear for Canadian manufacturing companies. It is a subsidiary company of the Factory Optical and Optiks International Group of Companies – one of Canada’s fastest growing optical retailers, and recipient of the 2010 Quantum Shift Award as one of Canada’s 40 Most Promising Companies.

F.O. Safety is the amalgamation of 20 years of optical experience. With dedicated manufacturing personnel, travelling licensed Opticians, sight testing capability and a state-of-the-art and wholly owned digital lens manufacturing laboratory, our commitment to meeting ANSI and CSA specifications in frame and lens product, is matched only by our ability to bring Rx safety product to market more cost effectively than others, and the ensuing savings that result from this for our corporate client base.

Reducing Workplace Injuries One Employee at a Time

Flexibility and adaptability are key characteristics of our business paradigm. With a wholly owned network of optical retail stores numbering 33 in B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario, and agency agreements wherever needed, corporate clients are afforded the opportunity of having their people be serviced in-store, and reap the cross promotional benefits that correspond to this approach.

Alternatively, licensed Opticians can be housed on-site at your facility and be captively engaged to fit and dispense to only your people – an option that has served us well in the Alberta oilsands. Perhaps a hybrid alternative – where our Opticians come out to your worksite at pre-determined times? If it works for you, it will work for us.

Our preferred suite of 45 frames run the full gamut of what is required in the workplace – WileyX (supplier to the U.S. military) meets all requirements of Sealed and Close Fitting workplace mandates. OnGuard/Hilco for more traditional applications.

Digital prescription safety lenses? Perhaps the most revolutionary thing to occur in the optical business in 40 years. It’s all we do and we do them at the same price we used to do non-digital lenses.

It begins with a phone call or email, and ends with massive reductions in workplace injury and liability exposure. We respect everyday, that your needs are not necessarily identical to anyone else’s and consequently, all programs and product offering are catered to what you require. It only makes sense to us that way.

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FO Safety & Corporate Partnerships
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